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What we do

JMR connects and services counter-parties around the world. We are at the forefront of developing innovative supply chain solutions, fusing our global network and depth of expertise with pioneering digital innovations to enable our customers to stay ahead. We provide vital logistical support and integrated supply chain management to assist our clients in achieving their critical objectives on time and to budget. 


We ensure that every system, logistical link and service provider is rigorously checked and contingencies and failsafes put in place to ensure our ability to fulfill our customer mandates and ensure the timely delivery and execution of our projects globally. 

JMR is a global company which acts locally, utilizing its local know-how, cultural intelligence and connections to provide its clients and customers with unsurpassed insights and execution capabilities. 

The diversity of our interests means that we understand intrinsically the various markets in which we operate and the synergies between them.

An integrated network of human capital 

From its headquarters on the East Coast of the United States of America, JMR has created an integrated network of representatives, strategic partners and best-in-class services providers - on the ground - to ensure the nimble delivery of its critical services across its key markets in South America, the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, Europe, East and Southeast Asia.

We pride ourselves on the scalability and reactivity of our service based model

Bringing together the expertise and execution capabilities of some of the world's most proficient professionals, JMR is able to consistently outperform its customers' and clients' expectations. We pride ourselves on the scalability and reactivity of our service based model. Our ability to accurately predict and proactively address both specific and macro issues encountered in the global supply and logistics chains. 

Our business lines
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We bring our technical knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness to the delivery of our construction services. 


With our competency spectrum we are well positioned to benefit from both public and private construction investments.

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Food Supply 

We provide a spectrum of supply and service-related activities in the food and beverage sector.
Our business is to source and distribute a
full line of food products, a wide variety of non-food products and storage locations in diverse locations globally.
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Our solution to increase profitability and improve operations by providing customized products for industrial applications.


Based on our industry know-how and proven best practices, we create lean, stable, and safe processes.

On Site

Operational Support 

With an absolute focus on operational effectiveness and safety, we develop tailored, integrated solutions to meet defense and military requirements globally.

Through our partners we offer a trusted, commercial track record of delivery excellence on a global scale, including in high-risk operational environments.


Petroleum Products 

Through our stakeholders and partners, we have access to long-term supply of tradable products as well as tankage in different geographies. 

We provide distribution solutions for different producers and assist with tailored shipments, delivering high-quality products at the lowest possible prices.

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Supply and Logistics

We are globally-positioned and driven to provide our clients with unmatched supply and logistic solutions.

We work to be a leading supply and distribution company that can support all aspects of our clients' supply chain, from international to domestic.


The core of our mission is to help our people succeed. When we support them to make lasting improvements to their performance and find better ways to operate, we also help them to contribute more to society

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