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Providing operational support 

Our military supply chain management untilizes an integrated cross-functional approach to procuring and supplying products and services to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). This process is vital to the success of military personnel; as commanding officers often say, logistics is one of most the important components of an overall strategy and every strategy needs a good supply chain to make it possible.

In the United States, the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and the National Guard are just some of the branches that have their own strategic plans for procurement, modernization, and sustainment of fuel products for operational and combat purposes. The DLA is tasked with providing supplies to the military departments, including the acquisition of weapons, repair parts, and, most importantly, fuel products which account for billions of dollars in spending every year. For example, military flight operations require fuel supply reliability and JMR delivers multiple grades of top-quality jet fuel products that can be relied upon to sustain military operations safely and economically. 

Battle strategy and logistics have always been two sides of the same coin. Every strategy needs a suitable supply chain. Many bold strategies have failed because their supply chains could not deliver the supplies needed by troops as the campaign progressed. This is particularly true when it comes to fuel and lubricant supplies which are so critical to military and naval fleets across the globe. JMR loads fuel products into standard-sized containers and based on available information logistics operations, deliver those products to the relevant military bases that need it.

Military logistics require that military departments have information at their fingertips so they can make informed decisions about the fuel products they need. They need to know what products are available to them to avoid shortages at the most critical times. Therefore, we work with DLA to keep them up to date with changes in technology, trends, and product availability.

As part of a military supply chain, the DLA is responsible for managing both the products and the personnel involved in making the supply chain work. It is in charge of everything from buying new machinery to procuring fuel products, as well as maintaining vehicles and facilities. As for JMR, we are able to determine the right mix between cost and quality of each component in order to ensure adequate supply at a reasonable cost. We are also tasked with determining the best possible course of action for delivering the products based upon the changing demands of military units and their supply chain support. This can be highly complex.


The military seeks to purchase the most efficient and effective fuel products possible to sustain the high demands of their military bases globally. They also seek to purchase the best equipment available for their personnel so they can perform optimally - equipment which can withstand all types of weather, is durable enough to endure the rigors of combat, is extremely well made, and for which the highest-quality fuel products available are sourced to guarantee its smooth running. Our fuel and energy solutions guarantee the safe-running of military operations as affordably as possible. We are reliable and trustworthy and are committed to satisfying the needs of the DLA and our broader customer base globally.


Also, with an absolute focus on safety and operational effectiveness, we develop integrated and tailored solutions to meet military and defense requirements - wherever and whenever they are needed. Through our stakeholders and partners, we are able to offer a trusted track record when it comes to the delivery of excellence on a global scale, including operational environments with the highest risks. We achieve this through the delivery of safe, innovative, and sustainable fuel and energy solutions on a global level - integrated end-to-end fuel solutions that are underpinned by exceptional information management to sustain value, resilience and, crucially, operational effectiveness. 

There is no time to waste in combat and running out of supplies can be fatal. This is why JMR's military supply chains are so critical to the success of any military mission.

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